"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

The Mitchells

Welcome! We are so excited to begin blogging! We have family all over the place, and hope this will help keep everyone updated on our life, especially our new addition, Braelyn Elizabeth Mitchell!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Praise!

Daniel just talked to the nurse in the NICU and Braelyn is completely off of oxygen support. She is breathing on her own very comfortably!! YAY!! The nurse said she was eating well and that things are going in the right direction. She said that she was in the process of making their plan for the day and told us that she would call us if anything big happened. We are heading over there this evening for her 9pm feeding and will learn more then.

God is wonderful!!


Pam Hays said...

YAY for Braelyn!! She's been listening to her mommy and daddy's instructions! God is so good!

Mindy said...

Yahoo!!! PRAISE GOD!!