"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

The Mitchells

Welcome! We are so excited to begin blogging! We have family all over the place, and hope this will help keep everyone updated on our life, especially our new addition, Braelyn Elizabeth Mitchell!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No light!

Hello everyone! Sorry we haven't been able to update in a few days. Braelyn is continuing to do well! Yay! I just called the NICU and they have taken her off of the jaundice light completely. They will re-check her jaundice level in the morning to see if it goes back up. They said she was a little sleepy at her last feeding and they had a hard time keeping her awake to eat, but they said it is completely normal for her to have "sleepy days."

I am about to drive out to the hospital for the first time on my own. Daniel made me drive to the hospital last night so he could observe my skills. No worries - apparently you don't forget how to drive after four or five months...lol! He said I passed...woohoo!

We are hoping that we may be able to bring Braelyn home this weekend or at the beginning of next week. They have not said anything definite...but things are going really well. We are trying not to get our hopes up...but it is difficult not to.

We greatly appreciate your love and prayers. God is wonderful!

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Mindy said...

Yahoo!! She's healing so quickly! Oh, you'll have your little girl home in no time! I know you're excited!!

I'm proud of you for still knowing how to "live on the outside." Gosh, that must be such a relief!