"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

The Mitchells

Welcome! We are so excited to begin blogging! We have family all over the place, and hope this will help keep everyone updated on our life, especially our new addition, Braelyn Elizabeth Mitchell!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Braelyn is continuing to do well. I, Rachel, just got home from visiting her and feeding her. She is eating REALLY well, which is great for her age. They did have to put her back on the jaundice light because her level went up a little bit, but they said that was pretty much expected. She will probably be on the light for another couple of days. They said once they get her jaundice under control, they will send her home as long as she continues to eat as well as she is.

We realize how much can change in a 24-hour period, but if everything goes well, she might be home at the end of this weekend or beginning of next week. Again, thank you all SO much for you prayers. We believe God is hearing every one of them and we are continuing to see him work in our lives.

Love you all...