"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

The Mitchells

Welcome! We are so excited to begin blogging! We have family all over the place, and hope this will help keep everyone updated on our life, especially our new addition, Braelyn Elizabeth Mitchell!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Rachel

Dear Followers,

Last night, Rachel was told to up her medication from 1 pill to 2. She was told if she felt anything wierd to call and probably go to the hosiptal. Well, needless to say, we went to the hospital last night. She was hooked up for monitering and was having contractions about every 2 minutes for a while. They gave her some shots which stopped the contractions and then put her on a new pill every 4 hours. I fell asleep somewhere between 12 and 1 when everything calmed down. I woke back up just before 7 and Rachel's heart was beating at 130 beats per minute. She is now on an IV and feeling kinda sick. We will stay there the rest of the day and we don't know much more. Jamie is out there with her right now and I have come home to get a few things, feed the dog and fish, and shower. I will let everyone know more when I can get back online. Thanks for the prayers!



Mindy said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! We'll definitely be praying...

Jamie Frankum said...

I love you guys!!! Please feel free to call me anytime again!!! Love you!!!!