"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

"A joyful marriage is a bit of heaven on earth..."

The Mitchells

Welcome! We are so excited to begin blogging! We have family all over the place, and hope this will help keep everyone updated on our life, especially our new addition, Braelyn Elizabeth Mitchell!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Update #3

Hello all! Not much new to say today, which is great!! : )

Had an ultrasound this morning as usual and everything looks the same as last week - Good news! Bad news - it's not better...lol! Overall we are very pleased that it is still the same. The doctors have said that they have done everything they can at this point with medicine and such, and that it is just a waiting game now.

We are all packed and ready to jump in the car at any moment - and with our luck...that means Braelyn will stay put until 40 weeks...haha! The pain is really getting annoying, but not forming a pattern or getting worse at a rapid rate as of yet. I totally don't remember what it feels like to not hurt - AH!!

Overall, I feel like I am doing really well with all of the emotions and fears that are associated with this situation. God is truly using this situation to form me into a better person and I can't wait to be able to use what God has taught me! Obviously there is no way for me to not have moments of fear and frustration, but God is using those moments to make me stronger and to make our marriage stronger. I am LOVING growing closer to God and Daniel!

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Jamie Frankum said...

I'm glad it's not getting worse. I love that you are loving the time together with Daniel and God. That's awesome!!! Hang in there and hopefully little Braelyn will too!!! I love you!!1

Ann Fisher said...

Glad the appointment went well this week. I love hearing that you and Daniel are growing closer. A strong marriage is the foundation for the family and it is great to see you two growing in love! Still praying for you.